Howard Reich's live chat on Prisoner of Her Past

Prisoner of Her Past producer and subject Howard Reich participated in a thought-provoking and insightful live chat today via the Chicago Tribune's TribNation. The engaging conversation broached subjects such as how Howard's relationship with his mother was affected by the film, why this story had to be told through a documentary, the music choices for the film, and the ethical issues Howard and Kartemquin had to grapple with in pursuing the story. The chat generated the following revelations from Howard:

"At practically every public appearance I make -- whether it's a book reading, lecture or film screening -- one or more people come up to me later and say: That's how my mother is acting. ... Or: My father used to be like that, but I didn't understand."

"Almost from the start, Kartemquin wanted the film to look, sound and feel different than other "Holocaust films." We felt this film is about here and now. Kartemquin also wanted the film to reflect my life."

"This has turned out to be the biggest story I've ever worked on in my life -- and the most important."

"One of the best aspects of this whole process -- including the week of screenings at the Siskel -- has been the way audiences have probed beneath the surface. I'm still learning."

Prisoner of Her Past is available on DVD now. The film has confirmed screenings in Silver Spring, MD in April and Evanston, IL in May. Other screenings will be announced in the near future.