No Crossover is a slam dunk on ESPN and Twitter

The world television broadcast of Kartemquin's new film No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson on ESPN last night generated an amazing response on Twitter, delivering on director Steve James' desire that the film be a starting point for discussions about race, justice and equality. According to the social media platform, the phrase "Allen Iverson" was at times the #6 'trending topic' (i.e. most stated phrase) in the entire world (and even reached number #1 at the culmination of the broadcast according to the Brizzly platform, which combines Facebook and Twitter feeds). For a factual documentary, this is a remarkable response, and it was very exciting for '@Kartemquin' to be able to watch the conversations unfold in a live setting.

In No Crossover, director Steve James states "I would like my viewers to look at race and sports in a different way." Though the film clearly had a mass appeal, the twitter users who commented most about the 30 for 30 film were predominantly young African-American males, and the conversations that took place mostly showed a deep appreciation of the film's desire to open up a dialogue about the issues documented in the film. Viewers also frequently commented on their appreciation for learning about previously unknown aspects of basketball star Allen Iverson's life, and of the Hampton, Virginia setting in which both he and Steve James grew up.

For an archive of some of the tweets from last night and this morning, please check out our saved searches on Whatthehashtag?!, Twapperkeeper and Extraordinaries or search the phrase "Allen Iverson" on April 13th using Google's Twitter search. Here also are some of Kartemquin's favorite tweets from the night and this morning as the conversations continued:

xoundoff: @sportsguy33 no crossover is one of the most important films of our generation again thanks! Powerful

@davidtanklefsky: Steve James' 30 For 30 documentary "No Crossover" on Allen Iverson is terrific. Fascinating take on of race, community and sports.

@blinverted: ESPN's 30 for 30 series is amazing. The Allen Iverson story tonight by Steve James was very well done and worth watching.

@Marcissist: ESPN 30 for 30 on Iverson was great. Steve James' post- Hoop Dreams work is underappreciated.

@Ethhh: iverson is trending? doesnt surprise me since its a @kartemquin film

@AnthonyJPiluso: Allen Iverson #Espn 30 for 30 was outstanding, another brilliant documentary from ESPN and Steve James and @kartemquin

@Chozn1: I will never forgot Iverson saying "I went through it, cause God said Go Through It" #Powerful Statement

@DennisWimann @Kartemquin Amazing work. The best @30for30 yet. The U may have been funnier, but none made me think about race as much as No Crossover.

@wanny_yi: #nocrossover Just as absorbing and affecting as Hoop Dreams was. Along with Dave Halberstams article from 01, my fav piece...

@KevinShaw23 @Kartemquin's Steve James and "No Crossover...The Trial of Allen Iverson" makes you re-examine your beliefs on race & celebrity in America.


Thank you to everyone who watched the film and made it such a success.