Awards, Records and Rave Reviews for Kartemquin

Kartemquin is delighted to announce that we have surpassed our 2009 total for public screenings, with over 165 screenings already confirmed for 2010 through July 3rd! This happy news comes during a big week for us, with the world television premiere of No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson tonight on ESPN, and the continuing success of Prisoner of Her Past's Chicago screenings run.

If that wasn't enough, Prisoner of Her Past was today announced as the winner of the Accolade Competition's "Best of Show" award for Short Documentary. The judges commented: "The best films are always about storytelling and this documentary absolutely excels at storytelling. Beautifully crafted and tightly edited. This film deserves a very wide audience."

Another rave review for the film have came from Jewish United Fund News, which stated "This is difficult material, so kudos to Kartemquin Films for chronicling the Reich family’s journey with an unflinching eye." 

Tickets are still available for Prisoner of Her Past at Siskel Center this week. The DVD is also now available from the Kartemquin store.

Speaking of rave reviews, here's a rundown of some strong responses to No Crossover, and a list of interviews and features on the film in the run-up to tonight's premiere at 8pm ET on ESPN:

Hammer to Nail: "No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson holds up an honest mirror to our faces, and what it ultimately determines isn’t pretty. When it comes to race in America, there simply is no easy answer. What’s worse, there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. As an act of personal sports journalism, this is a very good film. As an expose on race relations, it’s a great one."

Yahoo! Sports: "With "No Crossover," James has created a picture of Iverson that appears to be closer to who he actually is than anything we've ever seen. It's at once troubling, exciting, fascinating, maddening and enlightening – a complicated and rich film that, like its titular subject, defies categorization and offers no easy answers."

There are also reviews from NBA Funhouse and Ferdy on Films, feature interviews with No Crossover director Steve James in the Chicago Sun-Times and on NPR's Morning Edition and WBEZ's 848, a video interview from The Huffington Post's 'The Interview Show', and podcasts from ESPN (with Bill Simmons) and Fearless Radio.

Still can't get enough? Steve James will be on ESPN's Outside the Lines today at 3pm.

Please let us know what you think of both films by posting your thoughts on our Facebook page!