Prisoner of Her Past Chicago premiere announced

Kartemquin is pleased to announce the Chicago premiere of new documentary Prisoner of Her Past, produced in association with the Chicago Tribune. The film's premiere week runs from April 9-15 at the Gene Siskel Film Center, encompassing 15 screenings. Click here to watch the trailer for this groundbreaking film. Full details of the premiere week are below:

SPECIAL EVENT: SUNDAY, APRIL 11 at 3 PM in observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Prisoner of Her Past Filmmakers Howard Reich, Gordon Quinn, Jerry Blumenthal, Joanna Rudnick, and Zak Piper welcome special guest, Holocaust survivor George Kennedy, for a post-screening panel discussion moderated by Chicago Tribune editor Gerry Kern. Public reception to follow. (Strauss Family Foundation, Sponsors)
Advance tickets recommended

Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St., Chicago
Tickets via Siskel Center Box Office, Website and Ticketmaster
$10 General Admission (click for info)

All screenings hosted by Howard Reich and members of the Kartemquin team

FRIDAY, APRIL 9   (6:00* pm, 7:45* pm)

SATURDAY, APRIL 10   (3:15* pm, 5:15* pm, 7:45* pm)

SUNDAY, APRIL 11   (3:00** pm, 5:15* pm) Holocaust Remembrance Day
** 3 PM screening and panel discussion (no additional clips) with Reich, Quinn, Blumenthal, Rudnick, Piper, and special guest Holocaust survivor George Kennedy, moderated by Chicago Tribune editor Gerry Kern (public reception follows)

MONDAY, APRIL 12   (6:00* pm, 7:45* pm)

TUESDAY, APRIL 13   (6:00* pm, 7:45** pm)
** 7:45 PM special screening and Q&A featuring additional clips w Howard Reich, Jerry Blumenthal and composer Jim Trompeter, focused on shaping the film's jazz soundtrack

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14   (6:00* pm, 7:45** pm)
** 7:45 PM special screening and Q&A featuring photo slideshow with Reich, Blumenthal, and Chicago Tribune photographer Zbigniew Bzdak, who has chronicled the story since its inception as a newspaper article in 2003

THURSDAY, APRIL 15   (6:00* pm, 7:45* pm)

*   Q&A and additional clips, hosted by Howard Reich with members of Kartemquin team
**  Special Q&A