In the Family cited in Washington Post article on genetic patenting debate

Filmmaker Joanna Rudnick and her film In the Family have the final word in a recent Washington Post article on the ACLU lawsuit against Myriad Genetics' patenting of the test to detect the BRCA gene mutation. The article by Kari Lydersen outlines the arguments on both sides of the case, featuring comments from representatives of the ACLU and Myriad, before ending with the following passage:

Chicago filmmaker Joanna Rudnick tested positive in 2001 for the gene mutation, and later got a second opinion in Canada while she was there producing a documentary about BRCA. While Canadian doctors often send samples to Myriad for testing, some Canadian universities and researchers do a different type of test that can confirm mutations of the BRCA gene.

A second opinion is "an option most women don't have," Rudnick said, since insurance typically wouldn't cover a second test. Her documentary argues that Myriad's patents impede development of a more accurate and cheaper test.

"If they had a non-exclusive patent, they could still be testing and making money, they'd just have competition," Rudnick said. "That's American." 

Find out more about the ACLU lawsuit here. The DVD of In the Family is available to purchase in editions for both individuals and institutions here.