'63 Boycott Curriculum Package Available Now

We're excited to announce that the '63 Boycott Curriculum Package is now available. The package includes two weeks of highly adaptable material aligned to the Common Core standards.  Developed with the support of educators and partner, Mikva Challenge. Lessons include:

What Makes a School Great?
Setting the Context for the 1963 Boycott
Preserving Stories from the Past
Connecting the Past to the Present
Using our Voice to bring Change

The curriculum includes information on local archives, online archives, and plenty of ways to get your students to dig into primary source research material.

A complete online gallery of the raw material from the film ‘63 Boycott www.mediaburn.org/63boycott

A collection of never-before-seen footage provides students with the opportunity for meaningful and unique scholarship. Harnessing the power of archival footage, students can make connections across time and space to tell nuanced, fact-based stories that showcase how today’s struggles for social justice build on lived experience and enduring issues.

Chicago Collections Digital Exhibit on ‘63 Boycott, curated by Media Burn https://exhibits.chicagocollections.org/63boycott

A collaboration between archives, Kartemquin Films, and Media Burn to remix and reuse archival documentary materials to tell new stories.

Kartemquin Films and Bullfrog Films are partnering with Docuseek to make the film ’63 Boycott, which was named on the Academy Awards shortlist for Best Documentary Short Subject, available for K-12 streaming for free with companion curriculum through the end of October 2020.

The half-hour-long film connects the massive 1963 Chicago Public Schools boycott to contemporary issues around race, education, school closings, and youth activism. The film and curriculum are vital tools for engaging students with lessons centered around the history of the civil rights movement and its relevance to the present moment with the powerful story of a student-led fight for quality education.

For more information and to watch the trailer: https://docuseek2.com/bf-63boy