Please help kickstart On Beauty's funding campaign!

Director Joanna Rudnick has launched an ambitious and innovative funding campaign for her next documentary, On Beauty.

On Beauty tells the story of former New York City fashion photographer Rick Guidotti who left the fashion world behind to photograph children with genetic diseases in order to boost self esteem , reduce stigma, and question the narrow ways in which we see and experience beauty.

In East Africa, Rick his continuing his work with the high-risk population of children who have the genetic disease Albinism (often referred to as “albinos”). Children with this disease are being hunted in cities and rural areas by witch doctors who believe their bones have medicinal powers.  Rick is helping expose the violence on an international scale through his photographs and storytelling, as well as putting pressure on the government and health care community to stop the killings.  Rick is also mounting his first ever show of his work in Nairobi, which will take place during the filming.

Please send the link below around to everyone you know who could help support our efforts to tell this story. Any donation—no matter how small—will make a difference.  We have 60 days to raise the total amount,  or else we will have to forego all of the pledges. Check out the great incentives to pledge!

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