Equipment Graveyard - new KTQ Archives blog on "lost" equipment

In a new blog at the Kartemquin Archives Project, lead archivist Carolyn Faber shares the story of an unusual discovery: an Auricon Sound-On-Film Recording Amplifier.

The vintage optical sound equipment, found in a box by fellow KTQ archivist Lyra Hill, was originally purchased as the accompaniment to our beloved "Camera #1", but discarded as Gordon Quinn and friends hacked the camera and custom-modified it to fit their own crystal-synch sound set-up (watch the video below for an explanation). The Auricon was thus never even used once for its intended purpose; as Gordon comments in Carolyn's blog, "It's junk."

But, this being Kartemquin, even junk is not thrown away, and so now this fine piece of equipment will get its day in the sun, via Carolyn's blog and Lyra's photos, and as part of the tour of our building for any visitors!

As Carolyn notes: "In spite of being obsolete, obscure, and something that Kartemquin never even used, it taught us about one more way filmmakers could record sound on film and fleshed out a little more of Camera #1's history. It is also evidence of how evolving technologies shaped the way filmmakers worked, while filmmakers continued to transform those technologies into the tools they desired."

Camera #1 from Kartemquin Films on Vimeo.