As Goes Janesville Still Going Strong

Expanding its reach across multiple new platforms, cities, and countries, As Goes Janesville continues to spark discussions on corporate accountability and socio-economic responsibility. Coming up soon, director Brad Lichtenstein will be showing the film at the Atlanta Film Festival on March 23rd and stopping in to visit with students at Emory University while in town. Brad has also written a superb blog for the Sunlight Foundation titled "Don't Get Mad, Get Data!" The blog reveals how the filmmaker was inspired to create the BizVizz app to "to put a little power back into the hands of ordinary citizens, the folks who are paying for corporations’ tax breaks and subsidies and feeling helpless in the face of a campaign finance system that has corrupted our democracy." BizVizz, which now has 30,000 users since launching in February 2013, allows mobile phone users to photograph a brand’s logo to access corporate financial data on "how much tax they pay, how much money they get in government subsidies and to whom they give their political donations." The message has spread across the Atlantic, with favorable European reviews of both the film and the app coming in from websites and writers based in England, Ireland, France, and Spain. Also, check out Brad in conversation at United for a Fair Economy with Andy Myers of Working Films, and Karin Hayes & Victoria Bruce, directors of the film We're Not Broke, discussing the question: "How do social issue documentary films do more than just raise awareness?" As Goes Janesville is available on DVD, Amazon, XBOX and VUDU.