25 University Screenings of The Interrupters this week

Over the next week, The Interrupters, working in collaboration with React To Film, will screen at 25 universities from coast to coast – from Princeton to Berkeley. React To Film, an educational program in high schools and universities that features social issue documentaries, is featuring The Interrupters as part of their College Action Network series. React To Film’s co-founder, Dennis Paul commented, “No better film has ever been made on the subject of violence in America than The Interrupters. There are so many opportunities that we have collectively -- as parents, brothers, sisters, friends, politicians, educators, and citizens -- to interrupt this chain for our children's sake.” Following the screenings, students will be asked to pledge a call to action in the form of becoming a mentor for high-risk youth and also to contact their local Congressional representative in support of the Youth PROMISE Act. Over the past year, The Interrupters has been used as a tool to support the YPA in partnership with Peace Alliance, the ACLU and the film was even featured at a Capitol Hill panel discussion for the Youth PROMISE Act. The React To Film screenings will run from February 5th - 13th with the bulk of the screenings February 6th. On February 7th, participating universities will come together for a Google Hangout starting at 8 PM EST/7 PM CT. Interrupter Cobe Williams and the film’s outreach coordinator, Patrick Lile, will join the students to talk about the film and how each student can do their part for peace. For more information on React To Film or how to support the Youth PROMISE Act, please visit ReactToFilm.com.