KTQ in the Classroom: Michigan

Kartemquin's artistic director Gordon Quinn and executive director Justine Nagan will pay visits to two Michigan universities this week, teaching masterclasses and presenting screenings of our documentaries at Adrian College and University of Michigan as part of our KTQ in the Classroom program. Tomorrow, Gordon Quinn will travel to Ann Arbor for a free, public screening hosted by the University of Michigan's department of Screen Arts & Cultures of A Good Man, the 2011 film about choreographer Bill T. Jones he co-directed with Bob Hercules. Before the screening, Gordon will speak on Fair Use and the DMCA in relation to documentary filmmaking, as well as his work in the field over four decades, to a documentary class run by Stashu Kybartas. Get more information. On Friday, November 2nd, Justine Nagan and Gordon will both be in Adrian, Michigan for a series of events at Adrian College, culminating in screening of our Emmy-nominated 2009 documentary In the Family and a panel discussion on the ethics of genetic testing. During their stay at Adrian college they will also visit various classes to discuss issues of ethics in filmmaking, storytelling, and social justice. More information is available here. KTQ in the Classroom is a program we are developing that will give a name and renewed focus to activities Kartemquin has done throughout it's 46 year history: working with educators to enhance media literacy and understanding of the power of documentary storytelling through in-classroom visits, educational screenings and discussions, special teaching materials, and on-site tours and practical workshops at our facility. Please email Tim@kartemquin.com for more information.