Excitement builds for our Muhammad Ali doc

Ahead of a sneak preview and discussion at the Chicago Humanities Festival on November 10th, Kartemquin's next release The Trials of Muhammad Ali is already generating buzz, possibly based on the launch of its Twitter account. IndieWIRE's Shadow & Act blog, already a fan our our work, said the film looked to be "yet another enthralling feature documentary." Due for release in 2013, The Trials of Muhammad Ali is about Ali's "fight not to fight" - the period in mid-1960's when he refused enlistment in the US Army during the Vietnam War due to his strong Islamic religious beliefs. The project also caught the attention of Insider Louisville, a digital news website based in Muhammad Ali's home town, which correctly noted that "the project appears to fill in the gap between the boxer’s announcement in 1964 he was Muhammad Ali, a member of Elijah Mohammad’s Nation of Islam and the resumption of his stellar heavyweight career in the 1970s." EMG World, a black entertainment website, also picked up on the film, stating: "How many athletes out there today would be willing to sacrifice fame and fortune for their principles? The Trails of Muhammad Ali will showcase just what Ali gave up to honor his beliefs." We will be launching the film on Facebook and with an official website very soon. Director Bill Siegel and producer Rachel Pikelny will speak to noted Chicago journalist Laura Washington about the film at Chicago Humanities Festival on November 10th. This project still needs funding to help pay to license rare archive footage. If you would like to give a donation, please do!