The Gender Gap is Back

Saddle up, Gals! Tonight at 6:30pm at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, New York Women in Film and Television is offering a rare screening of our 1984 film Women’s Voices: The Gender Gap. The film is also being simultaneously re-released to watch free online at SnagFilms.

Reviewing the film for P.O.V., Heather McIntosh writes "Too often women’s issues get left out of mainstream discourses, or if those issues are raised, the people talking about them and commenting on them have little to no personal experience with them. What’s important about this piece is that the women present their own views from their own experiences about these issues."

Produced in 1984 when the contest between incumbent president Ronald Reagan and Democratic challenger Walter Mondale betrayed a difference in the voting patterns of men and women, The Gender Gap reveals the women behind the numbers. Featuring interviews with a diverse group of women, the film focuses on the different priorities compelling them to vote – concerns over social programs, healthcare, fair compensation, and military intervention.

Today, the film is as relevant as ever. In 1984, Reagan won the election despite a 6% gender gap; today, according to recent polls, women favor Obama by 8%. The same issues which energized women in ’84 are of renewed importance this year, as the two candidates offer a stark choice when it comes to healthcare, reproductive rights, equal pay, and funding for social programs. Yet, while much has been made of the gender gap, women’s voices are all to rarely heard. Tonight’s screening affords the opportunity to not only explore the issues which unite women, but rally them to make their mark at the ballot box this November.

The film includes an update from Cartoonist Nicole Hollander, covering everything from medicaid to “magical secretions”. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Jenny Rohrer (director), Nancy Meyer (co-producer), Nicole Hollander (cartoonist), Faye Anderson (public policy consultant and manager Cost of Freedom Project), Page Gardner (Founder/President, Women’s Voices, Women Vote Action Fund and The Voter Participation Center), Amy Richards (author/activist), and moderator Lillian Jimenez (media activist and independent producer).

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