As Goes Janesville Goes National

The international broadcast TV premiere of As Goes Janesville is less than a week away! Tune in Monday, October 8th at 10pm on PBS' Independent Lens to see the 371 Productions / Kartemquin documentary. We can also announce the film will be released on digital platforms worldwide by Film Buff, and also recently agreed a deal for educational distribution with Cinema Guild. Cinema Guild is the educational distributor of Typeface, The Interrupters and The New Americans, among others of our films, and Film Buff also digitally distributed Typeface. We are glad to be working with them both again. The DVD of As Goes Janesville will be available for sale after the broadcast from the Kartemquin store. A microcosm of what is happening to the middle-class in America, As Goes Janesville presents the viewpoints of politicians, union workers and conservative elites struggling to reboot the economy of the Wisconsin town after the closure of a GM plant. It just happens to also be about Paul Ryan's hometown, and is the source of the infamous Scott Walker "Divide and Conquer" video clip. If you can't wait or want to see it on the big screen, the film is coming to you via over 100 free public ITVS Community Cinema screenings that are taking place throughout October. Get more details on those here: nearly every state and major town in the United States will get a free screening. Sneak reviews ahead of the broadcast have been superb, and there are also a number of interviews available with the film's director Brad Lichtenstein. Here is a selection.
  • IndieWIRE named As Goes Janesville one of the "20 Must-See Docs Making Their TV Premieres This October".
  • Director Brad Lichtenstein stressed how fair and balanced the film is on Fox News' Fox and Friends show last week, also discussing the GM plant and Paul Ryan.
  • David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun-Times says the film "Chronicles, contextualizes and explores with incredible sensitivity as it personalizes the story of what's happening to the middle-class in the middle class in this country."
  • Dan Schindel has an early review at We Are Movie Geeks, praising the film as "a terrific look at the struggle between business and humanistic concerns that exists today in our country."
  • At Zocalo Public Square, Tom McBride notes that "Janesville embodies much of what has divided America in the early 21st century."
  • Brad Lichtenstein tells The St. Louis Beacon that "The film gives us the opportunity to humanize all of the numbers and explains the human complexity and human beings behind the economic crisis we are in the middle of." He also spoke with Rex Sikes' Movie Beat.
  • Brad will then be in his hometown of Milwaukee this weekend for the film's first of four screenings at the great Milwaukee Film Festival. Get more details.
  • Chicagoist's Steven Pate picked the film as a highlight of the Chicago International Film Festival, where it screens on October 13th at 2:30pm, with the filmmakers attending. Tickets are now on sale - we will see you there!