Sneak peek of documentary on youth homelessness at Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

In The Homestretch directors Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly explore urban homelessness amongst adolescents enrolled in the Chicago Public Schools. An estimated 15,000+ CPS students are homeless, with an estimated 1.6 million children nationwide "with no home and very limited adult support." The in-progress film is part of the opening night presentation of the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival on October 5th, 6:15pm at the Showplace Icon theater. The first ever public preview of The Homestretch will be followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers and Beth Cuningham of Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (Get tickets). Before the screening of The Homestretch, Kartemquin's Artistic Director Gordon Quinn will deliver the opening night keynote at 6pm. On Saturday, Dinesh Sabu and Anton Seals will preview two new Kartemquin projects - Unbroken Glass and Interrupt Violence - at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. Use the discount code "KTQ35" to get tickets for the event. In a new interview with the Chicago Bureau, Kirsten and Anne state: “we’ve discovered that one of the things the film will show is that for many of these young people, school really becomes home. It becomes the place where they know they can get meals, where they know it is warm, where they know they have some form of structure and through the teachers in the homeless program, some form of support.” Key filming is now taking place with characters who have graduated high school and are now without that safety net. As de Mare notes in today's economically crunched society, "we’re stretching what home is, what it means and what constitutes a home. You have people where they’re not only doubled up with family members, but they’re tripled up with family members because there are just not enough resources for everyone to be independent anymore."