Mormon Movie is IndieWIRE's Project of the Day

IndieWIRE has picked Xan Aranda's Mormon Movie as their "Project of the Day." The film is currently raising funds for continued production via Kickstarter. Xan explains the origins of the film: "If you’d told me sixteen years ago (after I’d just left the Mormon church) that I’d someday intimately engage the religion within a documentary, AND direct that film with the same people who’d just produced Hoop Dreams, I’d have called you crazy. Ideas for Mormon Movie emerged after Christmas a few years ago. As a gift for my siblings, I’d ordered VHS copies of a film my mother starred in at 19 years old. We laughed over the film’s B-Movie qualities, but I had a lot of questions about how and why that film was made. And, here we are." IndieWIRE readers can vote for the project as their favorite of the week tomorrow. You can help make this film by donating here. Follow Mormon Movie on Facebook and Twitter.