As Goes Janesville: new trailer, PBS date & screenings

Ahead of its PBS Independent Lens broadcast on a newly confirmed date of October 8th at 10pm, watch the new trailer for As Goes Janesville.

As Goes Janesville's key themes - the partisan political divide, middle-class economic woes - also reflect hot debates in the 2012 Election. With intense scrutiny already brought to Janesville by the nomination and speeches of Republican candidate and Janesville resident Paul Ryan, the film is sure to stir further dialogue when it airs.

The ITVS Community Cinema program has chosen to feature As Goes Janesville in October, meaning the film will have over 100 free public screenings. See all those upcoming screenings on our events page.

Along with October appearances at great film festivals like Chicago and Milwaukee, among others, this will make for a very busy month! Expect to hear a great deal more about the film then, and beyond.

As Goes Janesville records two years in the lives of laid-off workers, business leaders, and elected officials all trying to reinvent their lives and their midwestern town amid the closure of their GM plant and Americas worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.