Justine Nagan interviews Spike Lee

In an entertaining and revealing Chicago Magazine interview, Kartemquin's Justine Nagan talks to acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee. Listen to the interview and read excerpted highlights.


The short podcast interview covers a vast range of subjects: storytelling; documentary; stereotypes of African-Americans; parenting; filming in Chicago; licensing archive footage & fair use; "double dolly-shots"; our upcoming film The Trials of Muhammad Ali; and of course, Spike's new film Red Hook Summer and his upcoming Michael Jackson documentary.


Spike, who has a memorable appearance in Hoop Dreams, calls the film "one of the best sports films ever made, one of the best documentaries ever made." He also reveals that he is yet to see The Interrupters - and asks Justine for a copy. Luckily, she had one ready for him!


Justine also gives shout-outs to some great people who help get films made in Chicago: Tom Fletcher of Fletcher Chicago, and Betsy Steinberg of the Illinois Film Office.

Photos: Esther Kang for Chicago magazine