2012 Election again puts focus on As Goes Janesville

As Goes Janesville, so goes Mitt Romney? The Republican presidential nominee's choice of Janesville-native Paul Ryan as his running mate for the 2012 election has seen As Goes Janesville, our upcoming documentary, again thrust into the spotlight ahead of its festival run and PBS airing at 10pm on November 5th - the night before the polls open.

371 Productions filmed Paul Ryan many times during production of As Goes Janesville, but actually cut him from the final version of the film. However, they have just released new - very revealing - out takes featuring Ryan on their blog and vimeo channel.

As Brad told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "these days, if you're an independent filmmaker, you have to think of yourself as a transmedia content provider. It's not enough to release a film. You have to have a lot of media and outtakes on websites and keep tweeting and Facebooking it."

With the media galvanized into learning all they can about Paul Ryan and Janesville, Director Brad Lichtenstein has been featured on Democracy Now! and NPR's Morning Edition. The Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman notes that "Janesville has become a microcosm for the economic choices facing the nation," and has Ryan explaining how the film's title ties in with his own political philosophy: "The success story of America itself is the story of Janesville." However, the clip could prove controversial as, in a contradiction to Ryan's avowed economic strategy, Janesville recovered with the help of Federal aid the GOP VP candidate claims to oppose.

This attention for the film follows previous political furores around one of its subjects, Wisconsin State Senator Tim Cullen, and its incendiary footage of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

As Goes Janesville has a very active Facebook page where you can discuss these issues and more around the film. Festival dates ahead of the film's PBS premiere will be announced for the film very soon! In a preview of Fall PBS highlights for "people with brains", the Baltimore Sun states that As Goes Janesville is "not to be missed."