Crowdfunding surge for Generation Food

Inspired by a matching-donation challenge, the crowdfunding campaign for Generation Food has raised over $9,000 in the past 48 hours. The surge in funding is a welcome boost for Steve James and Raj Patel's transmedia project on the global food system, putting them at almost half their $50,000 goal with just 16 days left in their campaign.

The funds will go towards funding much of the early research on stories for the documentary, book and app. Steve and Raj, along with associate producer Meredith Palmer, are today heading to Peru for one such research trip, looking at indigenous farmers who have lost a quarter of their growing season to climate change. As Raj describes it: "in response, communities haven’t just invented better ways to farm the 700 native varieties of potato at 11,000 feet, but also have markets with sliding-scale prices, to make sure that no one goes hungry for lack of money." Community-based-solution stories such as these will be the basis of Generation Food.Raj Patel, Generation Food

Before they left, Steve and Raj were interviewed by Tom Roston for Food Republic. In the article, "It’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ For Food", they reveal that studies on Okinawa and Cuba may also be part of the project, along with places in the United States - though Raj states, "No foodie hipsters planned, but if we don't meet our fundraising goal, we might need to get to our locations on fixies."

The team has also just kicked things up a notch by launching the "The Generation Food Community Building Game," offering an amazing prize to the Indiegogo users who are most active in sharing the campaign: signed copies of Raj Patel's books Stuffed & Starved and The Value of Nothing, Steve James' Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters, and the final Generation Food book itself when it is completed in 2014. If you would like to play and/or contribute to the film's campaign, go here.