TFI Interactive: Bear 71 and Interactive Storytelling

Interactive, transmedia productions promise to hold a prominent role in the future of documentary. Some of the best work in this arena in the present is being made through the National Film Board of Canada, a friend of Kartemquin and traditionally one of the world's great supporters of independent documentary media.

As Kartemquin takes our first steps in this arena - with Interrupt Violence (a web-based extension of The Interrupters, launching in September) and the forthcoming 63 Boycott, among others - we have been watching with interest some of the NFB's great work, as well as other projects supported by the Tribeca Film Institute (partners on Interrupt Violence).

We also recently sent the Interrupt Violence team to TFI Interactive, an all day-event the TFI New Media Fund headed with the help of the Ford Foundation that was dedicated to inspire content creators (read our report).

So, we're delighted to host on our website this fascinating look inside the production of the National Film Board of Canada's award-winning online interactive documentary, Bear 71. Here NFB executive producer and creative technologist Loc Dao breaks down how NFB interactive was born in 2009 and shows how a mixture of editorial, film and web brought them to making Bear 71. He also highlights what they learned from the project and what the future holds. Watch and learn!

Bear 71 from Tribeca Film Institute on Vimeo.

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