Funding for Diverse Voices in Film

We're delighted to announce that we’ve received funding for our Diverse Voices in Film Project thanks to support from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Joyce Foundation. Both organizations have contributed $5,000 towards the implementation of this new community program which will launch in 2012.


Diverse Voices in Film is a year-long program, developed in partnership with the Community Film Workshop, consisting of six engaging two-hour workshops targeted at emerging filmmakers residing on the South and West sides of Chicago. Each workshop would include networking opportunities for attendees and organizational participants.


Through these workshops, we will be working to address the need for support and training in the community of minority filmmakers and aspiring storytellers, and working towards closing the achievement gap. If we can help these individuals, through our collaboration with Community Film Workshop and our combined 85 years of filmmaking experience, better understand the process, we feel that we will have served not only these diverse voices, but the larger arts community in Chicago.


To find out more about the program, please contact