Happy 70th, Gordon Quinn

Kartemquin's Artistic Director Gordon Quinn is 70 years old today. We celebrate Gordon and his amazing work since co-founding this organization in 1966 at the age of just 24, with his first film, the prophetically titled Home for Life.


Gordon is an inspiration to all who know him through Kartemquin. A producer of over 50 documentaries and a mentor to hundreds of filmmakers and staff who have passed through KTQ, he is a living legend. He has also raised the tide for all independent media makers through his pioneering advocacy of fair use rights and spearheading of movements such as PBS Needs Indies and in pushing for the creation of ITVS.


Gordon tells a story that when Hoop Dreams was released and caught fire with audiences and critics he was told by someone in the film business to stop saying "the two D-Words: Democracy and Documentary." He did not, because those are the two guiding principles he lives his life by, and we are eternally grateful he has never stopped.


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