The Interrupters goes back to Oakland

Outside of Chicago, the one city that has requested screenings of The Interrupters more than any other has been Oakland, California. This week The Interrupters Outreach Team, working with a number of Oakland community organizations as well as the Oakland Unified School District, brings the film back to the Bay Area for a series of screenings and discussions geared towards Oakland youth.


On Wednesday May 23rd, the screenings kick-off at East Oakland’s Youth Uprising at 4:30 PM. In an effort to make this series of screenings true youth engagement events, the organizers are asking that if adults want to attend any of the screenings, that they do so only as chaperones to groups of teenagers and young people. Following each screening, panelists from local Oakland violence prevention groups as well as featured interrupter and CeaseFire national trainer, Cobe Williams, will be discussing with the students how they can interrupt violence in their own communities.


The screenings will continue on Thursday May 24th with a 9 AM screening at the Oakland Unified School District Headquarters for students of MetWest and Dewey High Schools. This screening is open to the public and to press. In the afternoon/evening, screenings will take place at Skyline High and Lincoln Child Center. Because of the film’s often intense and emotional themes, each school will have mental health specialists present.


All Oakland residents are encouraged to continue the conversationand to remind Oakland youth that violence can be stopped through effective outreach.  Several Oakland organizations that are doing violence interruption work in the city will have representatives at the screenings including, Measure Y, Youth Alive, Youth Together, Youth Uprising and Streetside Counseling.


For more information on the Oakland Unified School District Screenings or how you can bring a youth group to one of the screenings, please contact CB Smith-Dahl at–