Typeface's Hamilton Museum Flooded, Needs Help

The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, central to the focus of our 2009 film Typeface, has been severely damaged by flooding and is in urgent need of repairs and assistance.


The museum, located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and now operated by Jim & Bill Moran, posted the following message on their Facebook page yesterday:


"Wood type lovers, lend a hand! Four inches of rain in northeastern Wisconsin last night has left us with an inch of standing water in the museum (it's bad). The 800 gallons of water we've sucked off the floor looks like beer (we're calling it Hamilton Stout). We need your help raising funds to repair the roof, clean off type and buy more paper towels. Consider a donation today, any amount helps. Please repost. http://woodtype.org/support "


It goes without saying that seeping water and Hamilton's collection of over a million samples of historic wood type - the world's largest - do not mix. If you enjoyed our film, please spread the message and send some help to Hamilton.