David E. Simpson's blog from US Virgin Islands

If you want to make yourself jealous, read filmmaker David E. Simpson's new blog from the US Virgin Islands, where he recently screened his 2008 Kartermquin documentary Milking the Rhino.


On the island of St. John as part of the On Screen/In person tour of the Mid-Atlantic region, David posts a number of beautiful photos of his time there. But he also describes how the island's social and economic conditions share similarities with the focus of Milking The Rhino:

"One of the themes of my film is the complicated, often-tense relationship in Africa between the luxury safari-trade and local, indigenous people who historically lost access to wildlife as a natural resource, but have shared no piece of the tourism pie. Some of those same tensions linger in this island air, as confirmed in several conversations I’ve had."


David and Milking the Rhino continue their tour throughout April, with screenings ahead in Oswego, Wilmington, Vineland, Norfolk, Lynchburg, and Charleston. See the full dates here.