Listen to Steve James & Alex Kotlowitz's "Last Interview" on The Interrupters

After a very, very long run of press on The Interrupters dating back to late 2010, Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz may have recorded their 'final interview' on the film (for now!). Listen to the Film Courage podcast for some great insight into their experiences in making the film and getting it out to the community, and also on their early years as independent creative artists documenting social issues. The Film Courage hosts David Branin & Karen Worden also reveal in the interview that they watched the film three times this week!

The Interrupters is still screening at community venues on a weekly basis (check for upcoming events, or request a screening), and is also available free online at the PBS Frontline website. Making the film available for anyone to watch for free, via PBS broadcast and now online, was important to the filmmakers and Kartemquin. This availability was championed today by the journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who urged anyone who doubted the community's own efforts to tackle violence to see the film. He writes:

"There's some talk that the problem is the media, in that they don't focus on stories like those brought forth in The Interrupters. I'm all for more media attention on the efforts like those in The Interrupters. But your ignorance is not the media's fault. If you make an affirmative claim--that no one protests violence in inner cities--without doing a rudimentary google search, the problem is your laziness, not the media's coverage.

The Interrupters is on PBS's Frontline, streaming. Right now. Watch the film. If you do not know it's because you don't want to."

We thank him and all those who have commented positively on his post, and urge you to take up his advice.