Docmakers make the difference: PBS agrees to move Indie strands

Filmmakers' voices have made a difference to the future of public broadcasting. PBS has agree to move two series crucial to indie filmmakers - Independent Lens and POV - back into the PBS core schedule. 


According to a New York Times report, PBS has still not decided on which day the series will find their home. We hope that the final decision will reflect the way in which the programming in these series meets the fundamental mission of public broadcasting. We eagerly await the news. 


We are grateful and appreciate that PBS has honored the public mission of public broadcasting, recognizing that independent programs showcased on Independent Lens and POV showcase underrepresented viewpoints, serve underserved audiences, and offer innovative strategies for making connections with Americans in ways that help them be the most active and productive members of society that they can be. 


We echo the words of Sally Jo Fifer, chief executive of ITVS: “Public broadcasting is the outlet of choice for some of the best storytellers in the nation. We are so proud of our producers for taking seriously the role of public broadcasting in the 21st century. And we are proud of our partners at PBS for being open to hearing from this important constituency.”


We look forward to the next announcements from PBS about its positioning of these key series.



Congratulations to all who signed on. We will continue to monitor the situation. You will be hearing from us shortly to about putting a bit of structure to our ad hoc movement. Gordon and Carlos

Please keep Independent Lens and POV as part of the PBS national core schedule on Tuesday nights. Please do not move it to a time slot that is inaccessible to most of the viewing public who must get their sleep and cannot stay up until 11pm on a weekday evening.

Please keep independent programming on at a time that allows most views an opportunity to watch.

Keep the faith with your mission and return independent programming to a time that can be better supported by PBS.

And stop kowtowing to the right wing and political pressure. Drop Federal funding, make it an all contribution network and STOP taking money from the Koch Brothers and Chevron--YUCK. Those soft sweet with music in the background spots telling us how great Chevron is and slipping in "funding by the Koch Bros" on environment focused shows--1984 speak to me. And why not call liars on their lies when they pontificate their "facts" on News hour. PBS is too corporate these days, way too careful but then the corporations rule so that's the way it is. They own everything including the Supreme Court, the White HOuse and the Congress, sigh.

Some for the best programs I've watched on PBS have been on Independent Lense and POV. Please bring them back to prime time, and at a regular time, so we can find them every week. Please let me know if there's a petition to sign.