The Interrupters wins Best Documentary at the Spirit Awards!

Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.

The Interrupters won Best Documentary at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, held today in Los Angeles. Producers Alex Kotlowitz and Steve James accepted the award. The ceremony is televised tonight on IFC at 10/9c.

On winning, Steve James stated: "This means a lot for a film like this. It's about urban violence. We didn't realize the impact this film would have."

Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune also quotes Steve and Alex:

“It’s really great to win this award and win it the day before the Oscars,” director-producer Steve James said afterward. “It’s a great endorsement from the independent film community on the value of the film.”

Alex Kotlowitz, who also produced the film and wrote the New York Times Magazine article on which it’s based, found the victory sweet as well.

“Look, the Oscars, we were surprised and a little disappointed (not to be nominated), but the film has done remarkably, and this makes up for that,” he said. “It’s been such a great ride with this film. This just tops it off.”

Congratulations to Steve, Alex and everyone who worked on the film!

Kartemquin and Steve James were previously a Spirit Awards Best Documentary nominee in 2002 for Stevie.

The Interrupters is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray from our store. The PBS Frontline version of the film is also available to view online.


Congrats on Spirit Award which rules over the Oscars in the minds of all indys, another feather in the Kartemquin cap and Steve James in particular.....