Interrupt Violence: New Interactive Website for The Interrupters

Today we’re launching Interrupt Violence (, Kartemquin’s first transmedia project, which will expand the journey of The Interrupters into the persistent violence that plagues American cities.
On the new site, users can explore an interactive sequence including background and personal histories of murder victims and communities featured in The Interrupters.
By the full launch, additional sections will be created, including:
  • Interactive webisodes paired with Interrupter advice about dealing with crisis, anger, loss, and redemption

  • Community resources (violence prevention, counseling, health, education, etc.) that can have an impact on local families

  • A living shrine where users can honor victims with notes, recorded memories, and other personal tributes
Through this, we aim to augment traditional storytelling and audience engagement with unique personal experiences, activating audiences around issues related to the film.
We’re building this with HTML5 and popcorn.js, so you’ll need a modern browser, such as the latest Firefox or Chrome, in order to view the website.
To learn more about Living Docs and Popcorn, visit:


I just finished watching "The Interuptors" and thought it right on. I was born and reared in Chicago (Ida B.Wells), 1950's. I presently live in Michigan after a 20 year career in the U.S. Navy plus. today I work as a Substance Abuse and Sex Offender Counselor. I Intend getting and using this documentary with my consumers many of whom are in that 24 year age bracket of bravado and devil may care attitude (sic) 'Flamo. I purchased, read and still share the nuances of "There are no children here" with consumers and others who care to listen. Keep doing what you do, time will bring more rewards. maybe I can catch up with ya when home during the summer, especially during the "Taste", Gospel, JazzFest or Mexican Festival, events I try not to miss. Be well "Peace n Love" Wendel