"A Good Man" Stirs Up International Dialogue for Black History Month, Lincoln's Birthday

Post-broadcast, the requests to screen A Good Man eveywhere from film festivals to universities, keep coming in.  A Good Man is a window into the creative process and, indeed, the creative crisis of one of our nation’s most enduring, provocative artists as he explores what it means to be a good man, to be a free man, to be a citizen.  These topics are particularly pertinent during February, which is both Black History Month and the month of Lincoln's birthday.


Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania will be featuring the film on February 7th. The film will be screened in Seattle in conjunction with the Northwest Film Forum's line-up of events (2/9).  A Good Man will also be premiering in Detroit on Lincoln's birthday, alongside a performance of FELA! at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts.


In March, the documentary will also be featured in a number of prominent film festivals, such as FIFA (the International Festival of Films on Art) in Montreal.  It will also be featured in months to come at festivals in Australia, France, New Zealand, and more.  It's refreshing to see that, even though the film focuses on aspects of American history, its explorations of race, creative expression, and perseverance can be enjoyed and discussed by audiences worldwide.


To see a full list of confirmed screenings for A Good Man, please reference the screenings page here.  Information on upcoming events can also be found on the film's Facebook page.  The film can also be purchased on DVD at individual and institutional rates here.  If you are interested in having the film screened at your organization or institution, please contact Outreach Coordinator Naomi Kothbauer at nkothbauer@gmail.com.