Ameena Matthews to appear on The Colbert Report

Has Stephen Colbert finally met his match? Ameena Matthews, one of the stars of The Interrupters, will be his guest on Wednesday, February 1st at 11:30pm (10:30pm CT) on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.


Ameena, recently named "Chicagoan of the Year in Film" by The Chicago Tribune, will be discussing her work as an Ceasefire Illinois Violence Interrupter ahead of the film's US television premiere on PBS Frontline at 9pm on Tuesday, February 14th (check local listings) and same day DVD/Blu-Ray release.


Colbert’s on-air persona is known to put his guests in the hot seat, but Matthews is no stranger to pressure. “I’m so excited,” she says. “I just hope I won’t need to kick his ass!”


The film's North American television premiere is this Saturday, January 28th at 9:30pm ET/PT on Canada's CBC News Network series The Passionate Eye. In reviewing the film for broadcast / PostMedia News' Alex Strachan stated "The Interrupters is as memorable and hard-to-forget as any documentary you'll see this year."


The Interrupters continues to screen across the US, and is available for DVD/Blu-Ray pre-order from our store.