The Interrupters Roars on into 2012

Photo: Steve James

Last year saw an outpouring of praise for The Interrupters, and the film is off to a roaring start in 2012. Here’s what’s new for Steve James’ and Alex Kotlowitz’s award-winning film.

On Sunday The Interrupters kicked off a 2-week run at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. The film then heads north to Brisbane for screenings at the Australian Cinémathèque. Write-ups from Australia’s Beat magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald come ahead of what can now confirm will be a wide release of The Interrupters across the country later this year. Check out an interview with Steve James for Australia’s Seven Billion Stories here.

Critics from The National Catholic Register's Steven D. Greydanus to Movie City News' Ray Pride continue to rank the film among 2011’s best. “Most movie years have a gleaming exception to list-making, a lucid, transparent exemplar of work that rises just out of reach year-end litanies,” Pride writes. “This year, what could it be but Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz’s The Interrupters?”

Viewers reacted to the film’s Swedish television premiere this week on Twitter:

Translation: Blubbering like a crazy person to The Interrupters on DOX. You're crazy if you do not see it. Loved "Flamo".

Translation: The Interrupters! So good! So nice! AMEENA!!!! GODDESS!!!

Translation: SEE THE INTERRUPTERS incredibly powerful documentary about gang violence, Chicago!

Translation: RIGHT NOW: The Interrupters at # SVT1. Worth the TV license fee money.


And viewer @monkehsloot had this to say:


The film makes its North American television debut on the CBC News Network’s “The Passionate Eye” on January 28, and will be on PBS Frontline in the USA on February 14th. You can preorder the DVD or Blu-Ray now - for 20%off!

The Interrupters has now played over 100 cities in the US! New dates are still to come in Boston, Williamsburg, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland and more. Find a full list of upcoming screenings here.