With a lot of help from our friends

We did it! Thank you to all the Kartemquin supporters who donated at the end of 2011, our 45th anniversary year, to help us in a our bid to raise $10,000 to match a challenge grant from a generous individual and the Cardiff Fund. We were successful and raised a total of $12,785, which will now be doubled as result. The funds will go towards our continued operation: making films, making filmmakers, and making a difference!


We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the following donors:


Peter and Lucy Ascoli

Jim and Becky Chandler

Howard Cosgrove

Bonnie Cosgrove

Ruthless Films

Nick Gully

Sean Besser Hank

Ruth Hansen

Henry Heyming

Hayden Hirschfeld

Alicia Huguelet

Carrie James

Elizabeth Kaar

Barbara Koenen

Meridian Hill Pictures

Mary Morrissette

Constance Mortell

Justine Nagan

Juliana Nagan

Negaunee Foundation

Meghan Ross

Ellen Rudnick

Michelle Schumaker

Glenna and Dick Shearer

Leslie Simmer

Erin Sorenson

Shane Starkweather

Elizabeth Wellman

Joseph Wroblewski

Plain Tales Books


If you would like to support our continuing productions, media activism and services to filmmakers, please visit our Donate page.