KTQ Labs graduates to premiere at Siskel Center

Two new documentary films that were incubated in Kartemquin's KTQ Labs: Feedback Screenings program will screen in Chicago this January at the Gene Siskel Film Center.


Also world premiering at Siskel Center are two films directed by Kartemquin Associate Maria Finitzo, with a crew made-up of many Kartemquin filmmakers and former interns: Life Lessons, a fictional short film, and My Mother's Idea, a making-of documentary about Life Lessons that also doubles as a "a fond history of Chicago’s legendary Stone Camryn School of Ballet."


We supported these films as part of our commitment to nurturing independent filmmakers and hope you will check out these documentary premieres.


Beneath the Blindfold, produced and directed by Ines Sommer and Kathy Berger, will have its world premiere at Siskel Center on January 13th at 8:15pm, and screen again on January 18th at 8:00pm, with the filmmakers attending. Get tickets. A compassionate look at lives being rebuilt day-by-day, Beneath the Blindfold shows how being tortured shattered the former identities of four survivors - a Liberian child soldier, a Colombian actor, a Guatemalan physician, and a US Navy veteran - imposing a life sentence of treating psychological scars that may never heal. The film screened in rough cut stage at KTQ Labs in late 2009. It is edited by Kartemquin filmmaker David E. Simpson (Milking the Rhino, A Good Man).


Life Lessons and My Mother's Idea play together in a double bill on January 14th at 5:00pm and again on January 18th at 8:15pm. Maria Finitzo will attend both screenings, and the audience is invited to a reception sponsored by Two Sisters Productions in the gallery/café following the show on the 14th. Get tickets.


KTQ Labs graduate The World of Z comes back to Chicago to screen publicly for the first time at Siskel Center on January 28th at 8:15pm, January 30th at 8:00pm, and February 2nd at 7:45pm. Filmmaker Brad Besser will attend. Get tickets. Brad and his co-director Vince Clemente brought a rough cut of the film to KTQ Labs in 2009, and it has since gone on to win Best Documentary at the Hollywood Film Festival 2011. The film details the "eccentric life of manic-depressive outside artist Zbigniew Fiks."


Best of luck to all these films and filmmakers!


To apply to have your rough cut, demo or trailer critiqued for free at KTQ Labs, please email Tim@kartemquin.com. Please note that at present the waiting list for screening is around 6 months.


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