"It might be the most powerful movie I have ever seen."

Omer M. Mozaffar, a critic on Roger Ebert's "Our Far-Flung Correspondents" blog network, has written a brilliant article about The Interrupters, stating "it might be the most powerful movie I have ever seen." We urge you to read "Extinguishing the Ecstasy of Anger."


The Interrupters opens today in a number of new cities across the USA: San Diego, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Eugene, Kirksville. It also screens at the St. Louis International Film Festival on Sunday, with director Steve James attending. And it continues for an astounding 12th week showing daily at the ICE Theaters in Lawndale, Chicago. See details.


Chicago fans will also be delighted to hear the film is returning to the Gene Siskel Film Center for a third time on December 16th for a 1 week run. The film is currently the Siskel Center's all-time box office champion. Get details.


We also recommend reading this thoughtful response to the film's recent screening in Washington , D.C. at the Benevolent Media Festival, which states "I felt privileged to be witnessing first hand the tremendous social impact that powerful storytelling like this can have."