"Artists have always been the real purveyors of the news"

"Documenting Social Justice", a new In These Times article celebrating 45 years of Kartemquin Films, begins with this paragraph:


"As he approached the podium on the stage of the funkily charming Metro club in Chicago in mid-September, filmmaker Gordon Quinn pulled out a well-thumbed book. “I want to read you what inspired us to start Kartemquin Films,” he said. “‘Artists have always been the real purveyors of the news, for it is not the outward happening in itself which is new, but the kindling by it of emotion, perception and appreciation.’” 


The quote Gordon mentions is by the philosopher John Dewey. The In These Times article is written by Kartemquin board member Patricia Aufderheide, who notes "I recently agreed to serve on Kartemquin’s board of directors because I think Kartemquin Films is a remarkable American institution. It has become a center of cultural gravity—a site to encourage social inquiry, to nurture talent and to push for policies that strengthen our democracy. And it’s reaching millions of people in theaters, living rooms, schools and organizing settings."


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