4 years later, Prisoner of Her Past still going strong

Since its release in 2010, Prisoner of Her Past continues to engage communities across the country. To date, the film has been broadcast more than 510 times in 140 markets across the U.S.

As Howard Reich writes in a new update, "It all began as a Chicago Tribune article in 2003, evolved into a book in 2006 and became a documentary film in 2010 – and the story shows no signs of slowing down. The audience only seems to grow."

The film tells the haunting story of a secret childhood trauma resurfacing, sixty years later, to unravel the life of Holocaust survivor Sonia Reich. The film follows her son, Chicago Tribune journalist Howard Reich, as he journeys across the United States and Eastern Europe to uncover why his mother believes the world is conspiring to kill her. Howard also finds psychiatrists in New Orleans helping traumatized children who survived Hurricane Katrina, so the children will not re-experience the trauma of displacement as his mother now does.

Prisoner of Her Past will be rebroadcast on Chicago's WTTW to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 27th at 6pm.

Howard will continue to travel with the film, his upcoming appearances include: Orlando, Miami, Kansas City, and Virginia Tech.

In addition, the film now has a new website chock-full of resources, including an extensive study guide for classroom use and a discussion guide for community screenings. Prisoner of Her Past continues to be a useful tool for launching discussions about geriatric psychology, Holocaust history, PTSD/late-onset PTSD, childhood trauma and more.