Hill Center DC welcomes Gordon Quinn and Justine Nagan

In honor of Kartemquin's 45th Anniversary, the newly renovated Hill Center in Washington DC will host a Master Class that will feature Kartemquin's Artistic Director and Founder, Gordon Quinn, on November 7th from 2pm - 3:30pm.


Quinn is a pioneer in documentary filmmaking. His large body of work includes executive producer and director credits, most recently co-direcing A Good Man, a film about the iconic dancer Bill T. Jones. The seminar will cover a variety of topics, from documentary storytelling to media ethics and fair use, as well as how those aspects of filmmaking relate to powerful film-centered civic engagement campaigns. The cost is $15: register here.


Kartemquin's Executive Director, Justine Nagan, will then join Quinn for a free discussion from 7pm - 9pm that day titled "Celebrating 45 Years of Kartemquin: A Conversation with Gordon Quinn and Justine Nagan." They will discuss the inner workings of documentary production and its role in today's society. Join the discussion and register for the event now!


DC audiences should also keep open November 5th, when The Interrupters will be screening at the Center for Social Media at American University. Get tickets and information.


The screening is part of the Benevolent Media Festival. Following the screening, esteemed members of Free Minds will a special reading of poems relating to the issues in "The Interrupters" to kick off DC-focused dialogue about ways to decrease violence in communities. The vision of the Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop is for every young inmate to receive the necessary tools, inspiration and community support to pursue education and follow a positive new path in life. Members' experiences are a direct reflection of The Interrupters story--Washington, DC's own struggle to face the issue of violence and the hope of transformation.