Transmedia awards and opportunities for The Interrupters

The Interrupters has been awarded a grant of $75,000 from the Tribeca Film Insititute's first ever TFI New Media Fund.


The generous grant will go towards transmedia social outreach and engagement, including more "interrupter video stories" and interactive initiatives that will get a wider audience to grapple with the "personal, social and economic forces that contribute to the violence that plagues our cities." Read about the announcement.


An announcement was also made today by ITVS and Mozilla's "The Living Docs Project" that The Interrupters will be one of six documentary projects taking part in a two-day "hack jam" in San Francisco next week aimed at utilizing the latest web tools to drive engagement, and in which the best projects could also receive additional funding from ITVS. Director Steve James will attend along with web designer Matthew Chapman. Read more at Web Made Movies.


Also, read this great interview in The Concordian with Steve James in which he discusses why he feels making a documentary film should be a therapeutic process for the subjects, on the limits of a strict 'verite' style, and why the scene in The Interrupters with Flamo talking in the car is one of "those moments that make [him] happy to be a documentary filmmaker."