In the Family airs on WTTW this Thursday, 9pm

At 9pm this Thursday in Chicago, WTTW Channel 11 will broadcast In the Family, Joanna Rudnick's personal documentary about the consequences of testing positive for the BRCA genetic mutation.

The Emmy-nominated 2008 film, which originally aired as part of the P.O.V. series, follows Rudnick as she learns that having the BRCA mutation means she will have dramatically higher risks of contracting breast and ovarian cancer. Her own journey takes her into the lives of other women who have had cancer or face the risk of knowing, and also into an investigation of how the issue of genetic patenting affects personal and social rights. As a result, the film has touched thousands of women across the world going through the same process, and was a major catalyst in a successful landmark ACLU legal action against the patenting of genetic tests.

Watch a 1 minute video introduction by Joanna Rudnick explaining why she chose to bring the film to Kartemquin, and how she had to put her story in the film to get to "core of authenticity."