New poster and new length for The Interrupters

Check out the brand new theatrical poster for The Interrupters, with the inspiring tagline "Every City Needs Its Heroes." If you've been eagle-eyed recently you might have noticed that The Interrupters running time on our website and various listings of the film's upcoming theatrical release has changed from 144 minutes to 125 minutes. That's right - the film has got 19 minutes shorter in a week! Here's an explanation from director Steve James: “When we were cutting the film down to the required length for our BBC version, we realized that we really liked the changes and trims we made to the film. It was actually working better for us as a film. So we decided that while the festival version has been very successful for us these last five months, this new 125min version is the one we want to share with audiences as the film goes out theatrically.” And just in time too - the film's theatrical engagement begins next Friday July 29 in New York at IFC Center! In advance of the opening the film has continued to gain major attention, most notably as one of the New York Times critic A. O. Scott's "must-see documentaries" for the summer in this Sunday's edition (read the online version). In an early review (of the 144min version),'s Documentary Guide critic Jennifer Merin gave the film 5 stars and stated: "This is not an easy documentary to watch, but it is one which must be seen." Read the full review. We're also proud to announce that the film was invited to participate in South Africa's Tri Continental Film Festival this September, which will be its African premiere.


Heard about the documentary on NPR. Just watched the trailer and would love to see the production. I think it should be required viewing for all teens in hopes that these positive seeds get planted in time to save many lives. Kudos to the producers and those who contributed to a positive step against this heinous violence.