Typeface: Making an impact from day one

If you're a fan of letterpress, wood type, typography or fashion, you have probably already heard a lot of news about the fantastic new line of Target Style clothing inspired by Hamilton Wood type and Printing Museum. The "Cool Never Fades" line is already in stores and available online from July 17. Amid the excitement, a couple of difference sources have noted the pivotal role of our film Typeface in inspiring the collection's genesis. The design blog Unbeige explains: "The idea for a partnership was sparked when a Target designer caught a screening of Typeface, Justine Nagan‘s 2009 documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. Members of the megaretailer’s design team later visited the institution to select antique woodblocks (Hamilton is home to 1.5 million pieces of wood type) ripe for Americana-infused apparel. They worked closely with museum staff to create more than 100 different hand-pressed prints before toying with scale, layering, and color." The Minneapolis Star-Tribune - the hometown newspaper of both Target and Typeface director Justine Nagan - also notes how "inspiration struck" for the Typeface designer at the 2008 Walker Art Center screening of the film. Those of you have been following the progress of the film and museum since 2008 will note that at that screening the film was not even fully finished! What a journey it has been to get here three years later! And it's far from over yet: Typeface screens tomorrow at the Ventura Film Festival, airs on Indianapolis PBS this Thursday night, and then has its Australian television premiere this Sunday at 3pm on ABC1! Get full upcoming events details.