Hamilton + Target = Cool Never Fades

We're very excited for the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, featured in our film Typeface, and currently enjoying an unprecedented level of success. This week saw the launch of a video titled "Cool Never Fades," which introduces a new fall line of clothing inspired by the Hamilton museum that will be hitting Target stores from July 11! We can also share this hot-off-the-presses article in The Atlantic, where you can find a bit more about how this all came to be, and direct you to the brand spanking new Hamilton website, which looks superb. And finally, watch our own video interview from earlier this year with the Moran Brothers on how Typeface has made a positive impact on Hamilton. We're so delighted and so very, very proud of Hamilton! All of this excitement - and the release of yesterday's Typeface newsletter has seen a rush on our remaining Typeface limited edition DVDs. We wrote in the newsletter that there were 20 left - it's now only 12! Get one before they are gone forever - which it now happily looks like will never happen to Hamilton Wood Type Museum!