Prisoner of Her Past clips tackle ethics, secondary symptoms and treatment of PTSD

Last November, Kartemquin hosted a special screening of Prisoner of Her Past at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. Filmmakers Gordon Quinn, Howard Reich, and Joanna Rudnick were joined for a post-screening discussion by clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Oster and human rights activist Dr. Mario Venegas. It was lively and moving event, with discussion ranging from the ethics of documentary filmmaking to the symptoms and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder related to Hurricane Katrina.

Excerpts from the panel with brief scenes of the film are now available on-line in the clips discussing the following:
- The ethics of filming PTSD sufferer Sonia Reich.
- The development of secondary Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms in children of survivors.
- The possibility of treatments for PTSD.

In this video Dr. Venegas, a survivor of torture at General Pinochet's camps in Chile, reflects upon the development of secondary Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms unintentionally transfered to his son - who was born many years later.

This November, Prisoner of Her Past will be featured during the annual International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies conference in Baltimore, which this year is focused on "Social Bonds and Trauma Through the Life Span."

Prisoner of Her Past continues to air nationally on PBS.