Kartemquin mourns passing of Khairiyeh Abudayyeh, featured in The New Americans

Kartemquin would like to offer condolences to the family of Khairiyeh Abudayyeh, who passed away on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Abudayyeh and her husband were instrumental in founding the first Arab community center in Chicago almost forty years ago and featured in the Palestinian Story segment of our award-winning 2003 PBS series The New Americans.

The segment focused mainly on the courtship and immigration journey of her son Hatem and daughter-in-law Naima, but memorably also featured her making the tradional Arabic "welcoming dish" of Maklouba. We invite you to visit the PBS Indpendent Lens website to get her Maklouba recipe and see a clip of Khairiyeh making the dish from The New Americans. The clip is an extra feature on The New Americans DVD.