Kartemquin in POV Magazine

The latest issue of Canada's POV magazine investigates the "State of the Art" of documentary in Canada, the UK and in the USA, with particular reference to Kartemquin Films.

Discussing the state of the documentary film industry in the US, the article by filmmaker Pepita Ferrari states:

"When it comes to an international reputation for powerful feature documentaries, there is the exemplary Chicago-based Kartemquin Films. Its strong and long-standing involvement with social issues oriented documentary began in 1966 at the height of the US civil rights movement. More than 40 years in the trenches means Kartemquin has been able to build a real sense of legacy and to always look at the long term by fostering a communal, task-sharing work environment with lots of apprenticing programs."

The article also references that "the relevant social community is always at the core of Kartemquin’s strategy," and quotes Kartemquin Co-founder and Artistic Director Gordon Quinn with this definition of the filmmaking philosophy that has served us since 1966: “A Kartemquin film is one that is about community and change and has a personal story and good storytelling at its center.”

Read the full article online. The print edition is available in Canadian stores and through the POV Magazine website.