Howard Reich introduces Prisoner of Her Past

Prisoner of Her Past is currently broadcasting nationally in 44 states on PBS and continuing throughout April and May. In Chicago, we're most excited that WTTW, the presenting station for the national broadcast, will be airing the film on April 28th, and that the Chicago Tribune will be hosting a special viewing event at Tribune Tower with Howard Reich and Director Gordon Quinn to help celebrate the occasion.

WTTW's broadcast is part of a series of our films being shown in honor of Kartemquin's 45th Anniversary. Each of these broadcasts will feature a brief introduction from a filmmaker or subject explaining why they made this film here or what makes it especially "Kartemquin."

In this introduction, Howard reveals that legendary Chicago journalist and "Chicago Tonight" host John Calloway directed him towards Kartemquin when Howard first thought his memoir could become a film. We're very grateful that he did.

Also, look out for an interview with Howard on Chicago Tonight this Monday, April 25th on WTTW, and check out a recent blog he wrote following a moving screening in New Orleans.