Win DVDs for seeing both The Interrupters and A Good Man at MSPIFF

The Interrupters and A Good Man both screen this week at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Film Festival, with this coming Sunday giving the opportunity for Kartemquin fans to see both films back-to-back, with Gordon Quinn and Steve James in attendance. Here are the dates:

If you plan on attending both, we want to hear from you! Simply email, facebook post, or tweet a pic of your tickets to both films we will send you a free Kartemquin DVD set of our Early Years Collection, featuring 6 of our classic documentaries in return! Check out these prize winning photographs from KTQ fans who did just that at Full Frame (that's the A Good Man panel on the phone in the second photo... good enough!).

A Good Man just received a rave review from Slant Magazine's House Next Door blog, which calls the film "a remarkable testament to the creative process, which, like much of [Bill T.] Jones's best work, is centered around themes of history, identity, and love... Jones would be proud." As the Durham Herald-Sun's recap highlights, Bill. T Jones was indeed proud, dancing on stage after the Full Frame World Premiere.

The Interrupters continues to collect accolades as well, with calling it "A masterful film that challenges TV news stereotypes at every turn" in its #MSPIFF preview.

See you in Minnesota!