Chicago Maternity Center's New York Story

As part of Kartemquin's 45th anniversary celebrations, Stranger Than Fiction at IFC Center hosted a great screening and discussion of The Chicago Maternity Center Story last night in New York City. Filmmakers Gordon Quinn and Suzanne Davenport attended, and were joined on a panel by Thom Powers of Stranger Than Fiction and medical journalist and original 1970's WATCH homebirth activist Laura Newman. More photos, courtesy of Simon Luethi.

In advance of the screening, Cynthia Fuchs of Pop Matters gave the newly restored DVD of the film 9/10, stating:

"It’s not a little distressing to see that the debates then remain the same, only with the costs more devastating. The documentary—so energetic, so right—provides heartening evidence of efforts by activists, filmmakers, and mothers to fight back." (Read the full review).

Having already received a strong response after a Chicago screening earlier this year, we knew that the film still had the power to move people, and that was reinforced by audience reactions, brisk DVD sales and by continuing conversations on the Facebook page of The Unnecesarean today.

Thanks to all who came out to the screening and who continue to engage with the film. If you'd like to arrange a screening, please email